With over 10 years of entertainment and production experience, DJ Hapa Boy is ready for any party or event. When he first burst onto the Hawaii music scene, he released some widely anticipated mixes and developed a sound that draws from a plethora of genres, pushing their musical boundaries to new limits. Collaborating with some of the biggest performers around, Hapa's rapid gains in the industry have earned himself DJ of The Year from main local media. He continues to entertain the world, places like Japan, Guam, Saipan, Singapore, Dubai & tours of the west coast. Hapa is Producing his own original music this year 2020 so STAY READY!



Honolulu, Hawaii


DJ Hapa Boy DOES NOT AID, ABET, SOLICIT, OR COUNSEL ANYONE TO VANDALIZE PUBLIC AND/OR PRIVATE PROPERTY. Please show some respect and courtesy by not placing our stickers on personal property, churches, cemeteries, or schools! Thank You
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